Nothing kills me like losing to Ohio AND Florida. But if you are single in the State of Michigan, you are in one of the best places in the nation to find love according to Click here to see the full story and their findings. 

They use a formula and determined Florida is the #1 State in the Union for single folk. The worst states were West Virginia and Arkansas but we all kinda knew that. Michigan was #10. We can do better.

So, where else does Michigan rank on the internet? US News has us as the 37th best state overall. #20 in Opportunity and #40 in infrastructure. Click here to see that one. We are down from 33 out of 50 in 2017.

Wallethub also came out with their Best Places to live in MIchigan for 2019. Click here to see that. Here are your spoilers... Rochester was #1. No area place made the top 10. They start showing up around 20 with Holt leading the area.


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