Did you ever see the movie "Taken?" It paints a pretty nasty picture of human trafficking or sex trafficking. They abduct men and women from airports, keep them drugged up and eventually sell their property at live human auctions. It's the modern form of slavery and it's happening in all 50 states.

A report recently came out Michigan was #2 in the nation for human trafficking. Nevada was #1. They think because we are so close to Canada and all the waterways, people can be taken back over the border and shipped off to auction. Click here for the full story.

The Taken movie prepares you to keep your guard up while traveling. Now, we have to be concerned with being plucked from our own state. It's NOT JUST WOMEN. Men have been taken too.

Deb will be running in the Race to Freedom June 18th. This benefit will raise money to build a safe house for victims of human trafficking. Click here for more information.


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