Monday I helped out at the Webberville Memorial Day 5K and 10K. One of my duties was to take out the tables for the water station. This is the only truck I have access to. It's my dad's "Ole Red." Ole Red has seen better days. She lost her tailgate but he replaced it with what he calls a "tuba four." The tuba four tailgate fell and as I turned into the school during the medal presentation, one of the 8 foot tables and the tire went falling to the cement. It sounded like a shotgun. Pretty sure even the deaf people heard that one.

From the Pants Stash

Do you see those nails? Those are for extra support. My friend COUGAR heard me tell this story on the radio. She sent me this picture of Michigan redneck innovation. Looks like a secure situation.

From the Cougar

Yesterday, I had to borrow "Ole Red" to move some wood across the property. The "Tuba Four Tailgate" helped secure yet another load. "Ole Red" strikes again.

From the Pants Stash

If we could just get Ford to make a tailgate that works.

Now, to reward you for reading about tailgates.

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How did that get in there?