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Mild mannered rock by day. But you shine a u.v. light on one of these guys and you got yourself a "Yooperlite". You can find them in the Upper Peninsula and we'll point you in the right direction.

(Source: Yooperlites via Facebook)

His name is Erik Rintamaki.

In 2017, Erik went out on a beach in Lake Superior with a UV light and discovered dozens of these glowing rocks. To the naked eye, they look like gray rocks, but under the UV light, the mineral composite makes the rocks glow. (yooperlites.com)

Now, a year later, he is credited with the discovery of Yooperlites, fluorescent, sodalite-rich syenite rocks. He quit his job and devotes his time to his Yooperlites business thanks to the success of his discovery. (Detroit Free Press)

It's 2019, and Erik's discovery in now making him some serious bank. And he's willing to take you on a tour so you can find your own. But of course, you have to do it on his turf in Da U.P. eh.

In the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, I've found Yooperlites anywhere from Whitefish Point to Grand Marais. I've also found them in gravel pits in Minnesota. Other folks have reported finding them on Lake Michigan near the Chicago area and also near the Point Betsie Area.(yooperlites.com)

If you're taking a road trip this 4th of July holiday or the rest of this month, you can take a tour with Erik.

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