Have you ever heard of the "Yooperlites?" Me neither until now. They are a mineral found on the shores of Lake Superior. When you hit them with an ultraviolet light... they put off a better show than you'll find on any Petoskey Stone... Check out the video below.

Click here for the full story. Share this with the stoners in your life. Actually, the guy in this story preferred to be called a "Rock Hound." He has 2 tours scheduled for next week so if they aren't booked up yet, you could still get in!

The discovery of this heavenly rock has sent rock lovers from all over the world flocking to the U-P to try and nab one. It's like a gold-ish rush for rock lovers. Not really.

These rocks have likely been there for centuries but are now just being detected by dudes like the "Rock Hound." Of course, Universities are now testing them.

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