My brother Mark - the one from Midland, not the Canadian one - is now retired and can focus ALL his time and energy into the Great Outdoors, with fishing being at the top of the list.

This past weekend he was on the water at both Sanford Lake, near Midland, as well as Saginaw Bay. He says the Small Mouth Bass they caught while trolling for Walleye in the Bay was quite a beast..."Bass guys would drool over that one!"

I asked if got any Walleye and he says they caught five on 'shad rap #7'...and I have no idea what that means.

The bucket of crappies were caught in Sanford Lake this past Saturday morning.

He helped the 11 year old son of a friend harvest this turkey near Midland, too. I keep telling him he should be a paid guide in his retirement, but he just does it for fun. For now.



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