The old saying goes, there's a fine line between genius and lunacy. For some reason that thought came to mind, after hearing the news the for only the seventh time in it's history, Michigan State University is cancelling classes Wednesday due to the extreme cold and snowy weather conditions.

There were several stories Monday about both MSU and U of M students grumbling about having to go to school, but with weather conditions deteriorating quickly, MSU made the call on Tuesday to cancel classes on Wednesday. There real surprising part is, it's only happened six time before; And all those within the past 52 years.

According to the Detroit Free-Press, it took MSU 110 years to cancel classes for the first time, (January 27th, 1967) almost 52 years to the day. This same blizzard is better known in the Midwest as the great Chicago blizzard, and it paralyzed that city for a week.

Them came a freak storm in April of 1975; and if you drove maybe 150 miles south, you could find beautiful spring-like weather. After that the great blizzard of 1978, followed by an extreme cold snap in January of 1994, and most recently, two times in this decade.

But here's the kicker to the story: while classes are cancelled, as of early Tuesday afternoon, the school is still open and faculty and staff are expected to be on time and at the their posts.




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