Back in 2004, the Patriots were playing the Panthers for the Super Bowl. The Patriots ended up winning but the Panthers went from 1-15 to the Super Bowl. Did you know, the LIONS HAVE NEVER F*#*#*G EVEN BEEN THERE!

First off, I thought you had to be buck ass naked to be considered a streaker. Second, are you really a streaker if you have paid advertising on your body? So, that must be why the camera's cut away and the announcers get so mad? You never see it on broadcast tv anymore. Thank God for the internet.

Well, one of the prop bets you can make this year is, who will tackle the streakers? Click here to see and maybe make a wager if you feel lucky. 

That site is where I saw this classic streaker video. The Patriots player takes out the streaker. Don't worry. Nothing to offend the eyes here. Just a good hit on someone who needed one.

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