Multiple social media posts and an article from the Lansing State Journal are telling a sad story today. MSU fan favorite, Zeke The Wonderdog, passed away late Friday night following the Michigan State Women's Basketball game. Zeke's death was sudden, the result of a tumor that his owner Jim Foley knew would force Zeke's retirement at the end of the year. Now, the beloved yellow lab is chasing rainbows and frisbees in a much more comfortable place.

At the final home Sparrow Tailgate Show of the season, Jim and his wife Terri told me and David "Mad Dog" DeMarco that it would be Zeke's last game at Spartan Stadium. And, I'm glad Dog had his phone and camera charged and ready to get this final snapshot of Zeke's final tailgate.

LSJ reports that Zeke's technical name is Zeke III. The original Zeke started entertaining Spartan fans and visiting fans of all ages in the late 70's. Keze and Zeke II also proceeded Zeke III. They also report some silver lining on a grey cloud...a lab named Ranger, a member of Zeke's dog troupe, will be donned Zeke IV to proudly carry on the tradition of those before him.

R.I.P. Zeke III. You will be dearly missed!