Watching a few Spartan hype videos today, I was pumped up but not ready to run through a wall. The video below got me REALLY fired up. Enjoy SPARTANS!

I was at the Michigan game and here are a few things I noticed about Spartan Nation.

1) When we are offense, you sit down and BE QUIET until a big play.

2) When we are on defense, you stand and scream as loud as you can.

3) The band concert after the game is worth staying around for.

4) The "Yes!" chant is awesome! When you have 30 thousand plus Spartans screaming "Yes" it sounds hilarious and a bit sexual.

5) Holly Wiles is straight crazy. If you ever have a chance to sit next to her during a game, bring earplugs. Thank to her dad Darrell for taking me to the game against Michigan. Holly was hilarious and the vibe of the Spartan crowd wasn't that of a victim, you had the feeling WE were the KILLERS. Best Spartan football crowd I have ever seen live. Great job!

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