A Michigan State trustee claimed yesterday that former football player Auston Robertson was the person who reported the sexual assault incident to Mark Dantonio that has resulted in three football players being dismissed from the program. Now he is pulling back on that claim.

Robertson's involvement (or lack thereof now) would have been an ironic twist because Robertson was thrown off the team for a different sexual assault he was a part of in April.

Mitch Lyons, the MSU trustee in question, is now saying he "misspoke" about Robertson's involvement in the January sex assault case and “confused the cases with Robertson having legal issues of his own.” He told this to the Detroit News.

Lyons' initial interview where he claimed that falsehood was Wednesday on Grand Rapids sports radio.

Josh King, Donnie Corley and Demetric Vance were removed from the football program after arrest warrants were signed for a sexual assault incident involving all three players. It was previously reported that Robertson was the reporting party to Mark Dantonio.

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