Whenever we watch sports my wife always asks "why does the Ohio State mascot look like a butt hole?"

I always tell her that is what those people from Ohio are all about. I kid because I hate Ohio State. I hate them so much, I hate their entire urine smelling state. Cedar Point is ok, once you get used to the smell.

On a side note, I got a huge laugh on google.com when I web searched butt hole. The 5th result down had me on the floor rolling.

So did Michigan quarterback recruit Alex Malzone. Now, I hate Michigan but I hate Ohio State more. I don't feel like such a loser when we lose to Michigan. When we lose to Ohio State, I am inconsolable. Alex was in Columbus for the Elite 11 Quarterback training. As he was about to leave he tweeted this.

"Won't be the last time I'm in a good mood driving home from Columbus "

Then about 10 minutes later, tweeted this "OSU fans coming at me already and I absolutely love it "

I love this kid for having balls and jumping waist deep in the rivalry. I also love it because if he never beats Ohio State, he will NEVER live it down. I hope he is right and doesn't end up the joke of America like the spelling bee kid.

It is like Babe Ruth calling his shot and then striking out. This is one of those rare occasions where no matter what happens, it will be entertaining. Michigan hasn't won in Columbus since the year 2000.

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