With everyone being restricted, locked down, shut up, confined, and corralled, what are we doing with our hair?

For many of us, nothing. We're just letting it do what it wants.

Not so with the women of the 1800s. You think today's ladies may have unique hair, but when was the last time you saw pictures of females from two centuries ago? Their hairstyles ranged from simple, creative, easy, difficult, extreme, unique, but very rarely lazy...it was all there.

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Some ladies' styles from the 1800s included some boufs, plastered-down 'Shemp' cuts, ponytails, pigtails, curls, parts, wings, braids, bangs, buns, powdered, Victorian-style...and some too hard to describe.

Many 1800s ladies pulled their hair back and parted it down the middle. Others covered their forehead with curls, put buns on top, and decorated their hair with combs, pearls and ribbons.

The photo gallery below shows over 50 photos of Michigan women from the 1800s and the hair styles they preferred. There are a few that are still used to this day. You may think some are attractive, and scratch your head at others. If you look at 'em closely, you'll see little differences in each one. Take a look!



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