High School sports Hockey and basketball have returned in Michigan! This is COVID so of course, they will look a lot different. The players HAVE to wear a mask, even if they just passed a COVID test. The coaches and cheerleaders have to mask up. Wrestlers won't have to wear them in matches but have to put them on right after.

The officials will have to wear masks too. If a player or official has a disability or medical condition that prohibits them from wearing a mask, all they need is a doctors note. However, schools will have the right to hire only officials who wear masks, even if they have medical conditions.

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My glasses fog up when I go in anywhere. The cold and the masks just make it so I can't see through my glasses when I walk in anywhere. I went about 4 hours one day wearing a mask... That really sucked. Not nearly as bad as fighting for air on a ventilator but it was mildly annoying. I can't imagine being winded playing basketball and trying to breath through a mask.

Can you imagine playing a sport with the mask on? Especially like basketball, where you are running around for 2 hours straight, sweating on people, pushing people around.

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