This is an opinion piece you shouldn't take too seriously.

Jim Harbaugh is an odd duck. The dude is on the hot seat after another disappointing season where the Wolverines lose to their rivals. Just earlier this year before the State game, people thought he had taken the fun out of the rivalry. Even I thought Michigan was going to hand it to MSU this year but that is why we play the games. People like me don't know S#!*.

I do know some stuff about masks and microphones though. I am sure Harbaugh is being forced to wear a mask and that irritates his rectum. So, he half asses the hell out of wearing a mask on the sideline. His face is NEVER covered and when I hear he gets COVID, I won't be shocked. A few Big 10 coaches had it already.

The thing that irritates my anus is, he stuffs his microphone under the mask. So it looks like he sporting some type of face boner. Just so we are all clear, the microphone will pick his voice up through the mask. Plus, his nose and mouth are both exposed completely nullifying the effects that the mask is ALLEGED to offer. I think he should be fired just for that. Click here for more on the moron's headset boner. 

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