I was out the other day getting essentials and was blown away by some of the masks I saw. So, I asked on the air and Maitlynn made a meme, then people started posting their mask pictures. Some very innovative masks. I was very impressed.

Show Us Your Mask!

I was also impressed with how many people I saw wearing masks when I went shopping. Look, I don't go in. I get too much anxiety. Not because of people wearing masks, because so many people are defiantly NOT wearing them.

Joey's Grocery Mask

Wearing a mask will not stop you from getting it but it will stop you from passing it on. I don't care if people laugh at me for wearing mine and the gloves, just to pick up groceries. I also bleach wipe them all off before I bring them in my house. I really don't want to bring this to my family.

If wearing a mask is so stupid, why do all the medical workers wear them?

Stores are allowed to turn you away for not wearing a mask. People will stop you and ask you to put one on. Not because we want you to look stupid... Because we want to live.

More people have died in Michigan than ALL of Canada. Michigan has the deadliest coronavirus death rate in the nation. It's more than the flu.

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