If you haven't seen the WMMQ masks yet, they are pretty awesome. Look, I HATE wearing them too but ours is the most comfortable I have worn yet. It's like a fancy pair of ladies underwear draped over your mouth... OR something like that.

A few friends have shared their stories about the mask and how it has saved their lives! Well, maybe but these masks are like chick magnets. It's like a concert t-shirt for your face.

My buddy Jeff said it took a while, but he finally got his WMMQ mask. As soon as he put it on, his phone started ringing... Ex-girlfriend booty call out of nowhere.

Jeff Mask

Then my buddy David, got his WMMQ mask and as soon as he wore it out, women were chasing him down the aisles at Walmart. He had to seek solitude in the milk aisle. It's like you instantly become Brad Pitt, the WMMQ mask has special powers.

David Mask

Rumor has it, if you wear the WMMQ mask with a 3 wolf moon shirt, you will instantly ascend to heaven.

My wife came up with a mask with me in mind. It says "SHUT UP AND ROCK!" Click here to see it.

I get a lot of compliments on my mask from people I wouldn't expect. It really doesn't fog up your glasses or give you mask acne. Plus, it might really save your life.

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