WMMQ listener Mike Hammond is organizing 'Race2Freedom' in Potterville, with the goal of raising awareness about the RAPID increase in sex trafficking. If you think it's not a problem here in Lansing, you're mistaken.

This article in the Detroit Free Press is jarring. The animated documentary is heartbreaking. Please know that the majority of the victims are young girls (boys, too) who are victimized. By shining a light on the crime, we can help to stop it. We have to start somewhere.

Race2Freedom proceeds will benefit The House of Promise, a safe house for victims of sex trafficking, providing them a place to begin to heal and to learn skills that will help them build a life.

If you can't join us for the run or walk on Saturday June 18th, they're happy to take your donation here - thank you for the consideration.

Added incentive to join in the race/walk - Deb Hart will be lumbering in the 5k - you know you can beat her time!

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