In 1971, kids were introduced to two new character cereals that would restart an ages old debate of "which was better, strawberry or chocolate?"

On the side of chocolate, General Mills gave us the vampire-esque "Count Chocula." The other, a Boris Karloff sounding monster named "Franken Berry" on the side of Strawberry.Fortunately for me, my little brother was barely a year old so the good Count won over every time.

In 1973, we were introduced to the eerie Peter Lorrie doppelganger called "Boo Berry." An artificial blueberry cereal that would not only turn your milk a blueish purple, but could have some adverse coloring effects that would scare a kid into thinking something was wrong with their intestinal system.

In 1974 Fruit Brute was introduced with it's werewolf character but was discontinued in 1982. A similar fate befell Mummy Yummy that was introduced in 1987 and was discontinued in 1992.

Fortunately for all of us kids of the seventies, we still have the Halloween season to look forward to the relaunch of the sweet tastes  of Monster cereals to fill our breakfast bowls and take us back to a time of Saturday morning cartoons and cereal that you had to beg for!



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