Not being very mechanically inclined, I often marvel at the most basic of ideas. It's not that I can't create something or fix things, I'm just not very good at either. So when I see even the most basic of functional items made from crap that's just layin' around, I am in awe and want them for myself. I just want someone else to make it.

A few years ago, American's were in their Chiminea phase. The ginormous clay pots made for burning wood, lined thousands of decks across the country. Now, the remnants of one, maybe two summers of use are all that's left. So instead of spending all of that money you can do what this clever individual did. Just weld a couple of old truck rims together and cut out a center spot to throw some wood in and light it! I guess the spoked type of rims would probably work the best for ventilation. It might even make a good spot to cook with your Dutch oven. So instead of scrapping the old wheels, make something fun! And when you're done, you can scrap it out an make a few sheckles in the process!

Fire Keeper


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