Living in Grand Rapids for so long, I have my "beer passport" pretty well-stamped in West Michigan but as I can call the Jackson and Lansing area(s) home, checking out the local breweries has been a blast!

My most recent stop was a bit of an impromptu one and it was awesome seeing what 127 Brewing is all about!

When we walked in, we were welcomed by a big group of people who just seemed genuinely happy to be there and overall a cozy, friendly vibe throughout the whole place.

I had tried their Pothole Porter before so when my boyfriend, his parents and I made our way to the brewery, I decided to branch out and try the Jazzberry!

We started out with samples, mine the Jazzberry and Jordan's choice "Plain Ole Bier."

We enjoyed our samples so much, we ordered full-sized glasses of our choices and I would be lying if I said I did not contemplate buying one of the glasses.

Dark To Light: Pothole Porter, Plain Ole Bier, Jazzberry

As we relaxed and sipped our beers, we admired the awesome chalk art surrounding the tasting room. Honestly, kudos to whoever took all that time to come up with all kinds of funny, sassy and artsy phrases and designs for it all.

Couldn't Have Said It Better Ourselves

It was such an awesome, cozy, friendly place with great beer which is all any brew-enthusiast can really ask for. I will definitely be making a trip back and will make sure to get the popcorn next time!

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