During quarantine, a lot of us may be seeing our friends turning to their crafts and hobbies to stay busy and bring in some extra money. Here's a few that I've supported!

I know money is a bit tight right now for people who may not be working, but supporting your "artsy" friends doesn't always have to mean buying what they are making.

It can be as simple as sharing their work on your personal social media pages!

Luckily, a lot of my friends are just starting out and are looking for "guinea pigs" to practice making things for.

My best friend Ashlyn has been searching for a new hobby for months and once she found a Cricut where she could print and cut vinyl to put on shirts, keychains, water bottles and more!

She even made me new signs for my new home, some earrings and a Mother's Day gift!


While Jordan and I are finally at the point we can put decor up on our walls in our home, we were noticing a theme and a color pallete.

I remembered one of my old coworkers from my retail job was in art school and has started taking commissions so I reached out, told her our theme and let her work her magic.

She read my mind and transferred it to paper and executed it in her own signature style and it actually looks perfect!


 Next, is one I still have to do a good, ol' fashioned, social distancing pickup from my friend Liz's mailbox and it is a mug with Leslie Allen Jordan's quarantine catchphrase on it!

You may have seen his videos where he tells his funny stories and really says how we are all feeling while we are staying home and has made the phrase "wellll s**t!" a household occurrence.

All in all, instead of turning to Amazon and online ordering from big box stores, try using this time to help your local artists, crafters and more out!

It feels really good to have something so original and it will also serve as a good reminder whenever you look at it what we were up to at this time and how we all kept ourselves busy.

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