That's right, it's #MAYSTACHE! The time when you annoy the hell out of your friends and significant other!

It's simple, grow out your mustache. I am talking the type of mustache that says "how are you going to pay for this pizza" or "Sure, I've been nude on camera."

I have soul patch and just for the month of May, I am growing out my mustache to RAISE AWARENESS THAT THE VIRUS IS KILLING MEN 70 to 30 over women. This is no joke. In New York, it's 2 men dying to one woman.

It's a simple sign of guys looking out for each other... On social media of course.

I plan on shaving off the soul patch and showing off a classic handlebar I have been working on all month. I hope you join me and share your 'stache on social media with #maystashe.

There may be a swear in this awesome video about mustaches.

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