According to, the Michigan State Police has wrapped up its investigation into December 2014's shooting involving officers of the Lansing Township Police Department. On December 8, Officer Eric Lapham pulled over a vehicle occupied by three individuals, including 27-year-old Randall Minier of Lansing. According to MSP, Lapham approached the vehicle. Eyewitness accounts say that Minier showed a handgun to the approaching Lapham in an effort to let him know he was armed. LTPD says that Minier "brandished a handgun". That's when Lapham fired two shots, one that killed Minier. With MSP's investigation completed, the report is now in the hands of Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings III who will determine whther more investigation is necessary or if charges will be filed against the officers. (LTPD Officer Brad Braeutigam responded as a backup unit) Both officers were placed on paid administrative leave on the day of the incident.