A few years ago, my video rental place started offering tanning packages. I thought why would I want cancer with my movie rental? (ALLEGEDLY) Popcorn seemed like it was making a comeback and seemed like a better fit to sell with video rentals but what do I know? I thought, wow now they offer 2 forms of dated technology.

I was bummed to see they were liquidating and going the way of Blockbuster. I have rented a movie there about every week for the last 10 years. I knew the people who worked there and looked forward to their opinions of movies.

A lot of people like Redbox but from my first experience with them, I haven't been a fan. I prefer human interaction and not swiping my credit card on a very skimmable system. It's no surprise though, even in our house we are trying to get rid our DVD's. We will not buy another one.

Going digital is the way to go. Time to embrace change... DAMMIT!

There is still a Blockbuster video open in Alaska if you care to make the drive. Click here to see that. 

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