In the fight to be number one in the fast food industry, one survey has rated my beloved Chick-fil-A "numero uno!" And rightfully so. The service and food quality won my heart when I fist sunk my teeth into a breakfast chicken and biscuit in Alabama last year.

This year I have had the tasty treats in Indiana, North Carolina and South Carolina. I will be seeking a Florida location later this month. And the only reason I didn't have it in Minnesota, is because I couldn't stop the tram in the airport to get a last minute fix. I am however, thinking of opening my own franchise in Ireland with help from my good friend Eoin O'Hagan!  I think we could retire with just one location!

With all of the hubbub about this chain, then why not in Michigan? It's rumored that there is one on a college campus in southeast Michigan. It's also proposed that a Novi location is coming in 2016. So I guess if Michigan is going to be included in on any poll involving these succulent morsels of fast food goodness, we're just going to have to be patient. Until then, I will see see y'all in two weeks and get my Chick-fil-A on in the Sunshine State! BOOM!