The speed limit on some Michigan highways is about to increase to as high as 75 miles per hour after Governor Rick Snyder signed legislation into law officially this week. And, some law enforcement officials apparently aren't sold on the plan. reported reaction from newly elected Ingham County Sheriff Scott Wrigglesworth. Wrigglesworth was "stunned" that lawmakers approved such a bill and that the governor signed it into law. Wrigglesworth was quoted as saying, "...the faster you go, there's going to be more damage, there's going to be more carnage."

But, according to the WLNS story, the reason we may not see speed limits increase any time soon is that Michigan State Police and the Michigan Department of Transportation will conduct studies to see which roadways should and should not qualify for higher speeds. The studies will factor in traffic volumes, terrain, road conditions,and accident volumes.

The WLNS story also points out that with the new, faster speed limits coming, police will be even more vigilant than they are now when it comes to monitoring the speed of drivers.

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