I live in this town and had no idea this was going on. My mom told me a few weeks ago that they needed help putting this together. I am very sorry I wasn't able to help with such an awesome gift to the community. Simmons Memorial Park. Open dawn 'til dusk.

On Webberville road just north of M-43, there is a cemetery where some of my closest friends are buried.

Just south of the cemetery is where you will find the new park. "Overlooking a cemetery?" You ask? It's a bit more peaceful than any playground I have played on.

I take my daughter EVERYWHERE to play. It'll be nice to not have to drive so far.

Thanks to everyone who helped put this together. The Steven and Ruth Simmons Memorial Park will eventually need some shade trees to grow up with these kids.

Nice tribute and addition to our small town. Click here for more information on the park. 

Memorial Park in Webberville


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