About two weeks ago, I started actually running to get ready to take part in the Race to Freedom 5K coming up next month in Potterville. You can still get registered and leave me crying in the dirt. Race to Freedom is to raise awareness of the problems of sex trafficking (Check out this story here from Joey). Race proceeds will also go towards building an area 'safe house' for those who have been victims of the crime.


Those brief bursts of running quickly indicated that it was time for new running shoes with better support - HUGE difference! Got 'em at Playmakers, a locally owned store that I LOVE. I used to be afraid to go in there because I thought the vibe would be snobby and just for 'elite' runners, but they are so nice to EVERYONE who walks through the door. Very involved in the community, too. )No, this is not a paid advertisement, nor did I get my shoes for free.)

Also, if you're thinking about starting to run for fun/fitness/a good cause, you might want to check out one of their "Good Form Running" classes, which are free. I've taken it twice and I've heard that people who've been running for YEARS will take the class every now and then just to make sure they're doing all they can to stay in good alignment and avoid injury.


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