I first used to make fun of John Boehner because his name looked like Boner. I used to call him boner man. I have the maturity of a 2 year-old.

Then, after seeing him speak and cry a lot., I expected him to cry every time I saw him speak. I am not alone. At his formal retirement speech, they had a box of tissues ready and he used them.

Now, he really has something to cry about, Veteran suicides. It's estimated an AMERICAN Veteran commits suicide about every 65 minutes. Every hour. Roughly 22 per day. Click here to read the UNACCEPTABLE stats. Click here to see the Michigan stats. 

So, Boehner took a new job for a big time company that grows and sells cannabis nationwide. He is advocating declassification of Marijuana, taking it off the schedule I narcotic list with Heroin, LSD and Meth. Even cocaine is a schedule II because it has a medical use. Well, now only 19 states DON'T have some form of Legalized weed. That is clearly a conflict. Boehner believes Medical Marijuana could help curb Veteran suicide rates. Click here to read the full story from the Washington Post. 

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