The 2015 Pink Dessert Wars are coming to town Tuesday, brought to you by Pioneer Sugar and MSUFCU. I, for one, am a big fan of sugary sweetness, and I know I'm not alone. Get set to taste some of the best desserts Mid-Michigan has to offer...and, oh yeah, it raises money for a great cause...the Susan G. Komen Foundation of Mid-Michigan.

I thought I'd prepare our palates for such a sweet occasion with a list of my three favorite dessert plates. What are your favorite sweet treats?

  • Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
    Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

    Baked Alaska

    Baked Alaska is a very unique dessert dish. Frankly, I'm always hard pressed to even find it listed on any restaurant's menu. (Likely because I don't typically dine at $200 per plate establishments...) In fact, I've only indulged in this delectable treat three times in my life. The variation I was fortunate enough to taste was made with an inner layer of sponge cake and ice cream (always a good combo) and an outer layer of meringue. The dish is placed for a very short time into an extremely hot oven, just enough to slightly brown and crust the meringue, but not long enough to affect the inner layer of frozen goodness. Then, a dark rum is poured over top, a match is lit, and voila!! A flambeed eye show, and mouth waterer! (A few shots of the rum never hurts, either!)

  • Todd Williamson/Getty Images
    Todd Williamson/Getty Images

    Anything combining peanut butter and chocolate

    Yep, it's pretty general. Typically, I'm not a fan of pies...specifically pie crust. But, if these two key ingredients are involved, nobody can go wrong. (unless you have allergies to either...) Whether it be a cake, pie, cookie, brownie, or even a store-bought candy bar, it's hard to top any combo of PB&C. Hell, I'll even eat the hell out of "buckeyes" taste buds know no principles!

  • John Moore/Getty Images
    John Moore/Getty Images

    Girl Scout Cookies

    OK, I'm venturing far from the beaten path of freshly prepared desserts. But, sorry, only my grandma's molasses cookies (which I'm too stingy to share with you) can top the wonderful delights that have been sending girls to summer camp for decades. Give me a dozen boxes of Thin Mints, Do-Si-Dos, or Samoas and they will disappear within a week. That's usually the result of me not hiding them from others well enough., though, I'm not too worried about my calorie count when Girl Scout Cookies are in season!

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