Lansing residents have been teased for months about the legendary Mr. Taco restaurant re-opening on Martin Luther King Boulevard. The building, the original location, is remodeled, the sign is up, there is even a popular Facebook group for the restaurant. So, what's the hold up?

We now know, thanks to the Lansing State Journal. It seems a court battle is the reason behind the delay. Apparently, Bill Bonofiglio, son of original co-owner Eugene Bonofiglio, who is planning the restaurant's revival, is having issues keeping the original recipes from being sold by the family of Eugene's former business partners. Now, Bill and Eugene are suing for those recipes and have placed a temporary restraining order that keeps the recipes from being sold or publicized.

Sheryl Eytcheson, widow of Mark Eytcheson, one of the former owners, claims to have the recipes and has expressed interest in selling them. Now she, her daughter Tracy Eytcheson, and Jeffrey Cole, former Mr. Taco accountant are named in the lawsuit. On Friday, they are required to appear in Ingham County Circuit Court to tell their side of the story, and why they should be able to do as they wish with the recipes.

Stay tuned, taco fans!!