To all the nurses and healthcare professionals,

What a crazy time to be celebrating nurses week. I commend you all on your hard work and sacrifice every day.

Growing up with a mom as a nurse, seeing countless friends and classmates move to careers in nursing and now watching my sister begin her nursing career it is safe to say I have heard my fair share of stories but also know just how damn hard you all work.

I know of the physical and emotional toll your job takes on you and just how passionate you are every day you walk into work at whatever hospitals, emergency rooms, primary care offices and anything in between. However, I do not know first-hand how you feel and most days I am thankful for that.

As a radio personality, I can not imagine what you do every day and also anything to do with the body kind of freaks me out.

Whenever my mom or my sister try to explain things to me or whenever my sister gets excited about getting to work with a cadaver in class that day I get queasy and tell them that's how I know I was born to make fart jokes on the radio.

I know you all have been working extra hard lately and maybe many of you are anxious and scared for yourselves and your families in the midst of COVID-19, which is why Nurses Week is coming at a good time.

You all deserve recognition every day, but now, at a time we could all use a lot more uplifting, I am more proud than ever to say I love the nurses in my life with all my heart.

There are many other essential workers out there, striving to keep people healthy and safe, people across the internet never fail to remind us that.

All in all, take this week to revel in the recognition, you have earned it and I commend you and with I could be more like you.

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