Our stay at home order has been lifted! I know our restrictions sucked but they worked. It was 2 months ago, I wrote a story about Michigan having 4 times as many coronavirus cases than Ohio. Click here to see that Pulitzer prize nominated piece. 

Checking the numbers now, Ohio is showing nearly 28 thousand active cases and Michigan has over 14 and a half thousand. 14 other states have shot past Michigan and our numbers have been continuing to going down.

Does this mean the scare is over in Michigan? Not at all. This thing is 3 times as contagious as the flu and has killed over 110 thousand Americans in 4 months. It has killed the nations economy and leveled thousands of American businesses that may never return. But in Michigan, we are currently better than those nuts in Ohio... So suck that Buckeyes!

The WMMQ Morning Show back to work plan is in place. My partner will return Monday and I will wait a few more weeks to watch these numbers hopefully go down. The protocols that go in to our return to the new normal are jaw dropping.

Take your temperature when you arrive. Sign an "I haven't traveled" disclaimer. Wear masks and gloves when in the building. If you touch it you wipe it. No more company coffee! One person in the bathroom at a time. It seems like overkill to some but to others it's reaffirmation.

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