So, last Friday, I want on a small rant on-air regarding a column I caught in the Lansing State Journal. Well, the frustrations built inside of me when I saw the same story from the same lady on

First off, local media needs to quit giving this lady a platform for her ridiculous stance.

Now, I will take it upon myself to be the first local media member to speak up against this ridiculous crusade, without fear of alienating Jane Kramer of Bath Township.

In the words of the former great Weekend Update anchor and current WMMQ Sunday night feature jock Dan Aykroyd, "Jane, you ignorant slut." Shut the hell up, and quit contributing to the sissification of America!

You see, Jane wants everybody to sign a petition asking Meijer to remove sugar snacks and drinks, along with tabloid papers from their checkout aisles to create "healthy checkout lanes". As a liberal minded person, even I see how ridiculous this is. Kramer cites everything from diabetes to obesity as support for her effort, and how unfair it is for parents of young children to have such items at their eye level. Then, the truth shines in when she revealed to the State Journal that she had to have conversations with her son, now 13, about drugs and sex before she was ready to...due to the tabloids at the checkout lanes! Give me a freaking break! Does she want to ban television and Internet sites, too? God forbid, you had to tell your teenage son what cocaine, overdoses, pregnancy and sex was all about. Wake up! We don't live on Walton F#@king Mountain!!

More than 1000 other pusscakes have signed her petition, according to WLNS. And, Kramer even got mentioned on Good Morning America. If you agree with my stance on this issue, take solace in the fact that Meijer bosses have pretty much taken Kramer's mission and wiped their @$$e$ with it.

When will we learn that stupid crusades for the "sake of humanity" do nothing but divide the American population in its land of free speech and opinion. It's time to re-take our own course of action and responsibility for our families, quit putting the onus on others to fix life and make it better for everybody, and let the swines that actually buy into tabloids and gossip down chocolate, fruit chews, and cola to their failing liver's content!


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