I recently went to Owosso to check out the area and the Owosso Farmer's Market. The market was really cool and it takes place in downtown Owosso. While we were at the farmer's market, my wife and I witnessed several, what appeared to be, WWII era planes flying in formation.

These planes were really cool. I inquired with several vendors at the farmer's market to see if they knew what all the planes were flying for. Was there an air show? Does this happen all the time? Is Owosso that cool that they protect their city limits with WWII era war planes?

We didn't get any definitive answers from the vendors so we decided to take on the mystery ourselves to find out why these amazing planes were circling over Owosso. We googled the airport and how to find it. We made our way to the airport and were surprised at how cool the Owosso airport is.

As for the WWII planes, they were just flying in and out of the airport. Some of the planes I mentioned were from "out of town" while one of the planes calls the Owosso airport home and it was secured in a hangar.

When we pulled up to the airport we noticed immediately that there was a restaurant adjacent to the "terminal". The staff at the restaurant were amazing and kind. They were so eager to tell us about the business and that pilots love flying from one small town to the next to get lunch. They've kept track of who is coming in to eat and where they flew in from. You can see that in the pictures.

I had no idea that "flying for lunch" was a thing. It makes sense though, we drive to get lunch in other towns, why not fly if you have a plane. Joe-Lee's Crosswinds Cafe has a great menu and the pilots that were grabbing a bite raved about the food.

Owosso Airport / Joe-Lee's Crosswinds Cafe

Flying is fun. Flying to another city for lunch is a thing to do in the aviation world. Owosso has one of only a few "fly in" restaurants in Michigan, check it out.

Vintage Michigan Airports

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