After I saw Brad Ford. I began talking to Rich Houghton for a few seconds. He was still able to do his job for the brief moment we spoke. He told me he was a HUGE fan of Larry Allen's All Request Saturday Night. Then, he told me this story about Nick Chase.

Once upon a time, Nick misplaced a 500 dollar check. That is like a years worth of pay for radio DJ. Anyway, he lost it at Meijer. Meijer found it. Nick calls up in a panic LIKE ANYONE WOULD and they had his friggin' check waiting for him. That is customer service.

Right after I saw Rich. I ran into my friend Beverly Vanhorn.

From the Pants Stash

I used to play basketball on Beverly's hoop in Webberville, when I was a kid. She has been a trusted Facebook friend for years. She has been listening to years. She told me she loved the afternoon show and now she loves the morning show. These are the people I want to have signs. People who listen and people who rock on their workforce.

A BIG THANKS to Michigan Graphics & Signs for hooking up such a cool sign.

If you want your yard sign, shoot an email to Or just come and see Deb and I on the air between 8-10 AM weekdays only!