The good old stop sign. A way to conduct traffic, without actually having to have someone around every corner directing traffic.

While you may not like them all, especially when you're running late for work, the first stop sign was originally tested here in Michigan.

This Michigan City Was The First To See A Stop Sign

Not all stop signs have looked like a red octagon. They've gone through multiple color and shape changes over the past few years.

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It figures that Michigan was the first state to use a stop sign, given that we at one point in time known for the automotive industry.

The city of Detroit was one of the first to ever see a stop sign in the country.

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A Michigan Police Sergeant Was The First To Create A Stop Sign

The first stop sign in Michigan was created by a police sergeant out of the Detroit area in the year 1915, while was working at a busy intersection.

In a way to make his job a bit easier, the sergeant took a piece of plywood, gave the wood a distinct shape, and simply wrote the words 'STOP' on it, thus the creation of the stop sign.

It wasn't much of a fancy stop sign, however. The sign was on a white background with black lettering. So at night time, it wouldn't have been much of a help.

Later on that very year, Clevland installed their very first electric traffic signal, however, the city of Detroit is the first city in America properly credited with installing a proper stop sign.

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