Paul McCartney has been plenty busy on the new music front lately, but he hasn't forgotten about his illustrious past.

McCartney reached into his vaults for a surprise series of free downloads recently, casually asking fans, "Have you heard these previously unreleased tracks from ‪Wings‬?" and posting three songs that had yet to even surface on any of his archive collections. The tracks, which you can listen to above, are available to anyone who provides their email address at McCartney's official site.

One song, "Love My Baby," first surfaced last fall, and comes from the 1974 Wings film One Hand Clapping. "It was made by a friend of mine, David Litchfield," recalled McCartney at the time. "We decided that he would shoot a very simple piece, on video. We would just go into Abbey Road and play basically what we had rehearsed. So we went in there and it was very simply filmed, absolute basic stuff, and I think its charm now is that there’s no pretense. It is what it is. We just called it 'One Hand Clapping,' for absolutely no reason."

The three-song set is rounded out by an extended version of "Letting Go" and a remastered version of "Rock Show," both from 1975's Venus and Mars LP. Meanwhile, McCartney's latest recording, an appearance on the Kanye West single "All Day," seems likely to hit the upper reaches of the charts when it makes its first appearance on Billboard's Hot 100 next week.

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