Playboy magazine has given the world a sneak peek at its very first non-nude issue set for release with the March 2016 issue. And, quite frankly, I see no reason to buy another issue of this once great publication that I've been fascinated with since age 4.

To be honest, I haven't purchased a copy of Playboy in 20 years. And, I am probably a big part of the problem that has caused this travesty of a decision by the magazine to revamp itself to attract millennials. When the magazine announced last October that it would put clothes on its centerfold models, I didn't pay much attention to the news. But, with the day upon us, naturally, I'm taking notice.

Granted, in this day in age, nudity is a free mouse click away for most. And, that fact brings this broken hearted fan of nudity a little solace. But, in an era where generational change over is happening, it's a sad reminder of how badly my generation coddled their kids, leading to the current pussification of America. It's all about computers and technology to the millennials. Hell, even their musical interests are overly influenced by the next fresh sound any nerd can program his computer to play. There is no element of human touch or respect for actual human talent with these kids. And, here is our next example.

Playboy's marketing philosophy behind the change is to present readers with great articles and work-friendly photos of girls; clothed girls. As the March 2016 cover model Sarah McDaniel said, "The idea is to look at me from a boyfriend's perspective." If that's what young guys fantasize about these days, seeing their girlfriend in a fully covered in a flowered dress, my faith in humanity, mankind, and plain old manliness is completely shot.

At this rate, the only p#$$y we'll see in the future is any given "man" walking down the street. Where have all the good times gone? Is this America or Walton F#@k!ng Mountain?

(For what it's worth, the March 2016 Playboy hits shelves on February 12.)

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