I honestly never watch the singing shows. I guess it's because I don't have a horse in the race or someone to root for. I was surprised this morning that an American Idol contestant was in our building. He is a 2013 Flushing graduate and he was the FINAL Golden Ticket winner of the FINAL season of American Idol. Hopefully he'll be the FINAL winner of it all.

We spent about 20 seconds with this kid and was rooting for him. He was very positive. He also has the confidence to put himself out there on national television and bare his soul.

We wanted to know more about him, the audition process and I really wanted to know about J-Lo. (Jennifer Lopez)

I liked him so much, I plan on tuning in to see how he does tonight. 8pm on Fox. Plus, maybe I'll get a peep at J-Lo's backside. Now, that won't be the only reason I tune in. Good luck to Manny as he represents the Mitten! Another Michigan Made story.

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