Honestly, Santas everywhere are probably beyond thankful for this one.

Gone are the days of having kids sitting on your lap until your legs are numb, no more having children all up in your face or having curious ones try to tug on your beard.

This sounds like the perfect solution to not only still have pictures with Santa this year but also be COVID-compliant, just put him in a plexiglass box!

Okay, so for the most part it's not exactly a box, it's more like a piece of plexiglass Santa sits behind and your kiddos can sit in front of it to still get their pictures with Santa.

With recent spikes in COVID cases here in Michigan, this is probably a sight to be expected as the holiday season draws near.

Here is a look at how Bass Pro Shops is doing their Santa's Wonderland this year and we can only assume many stores will follow suit:

Shopping centers and malls owned by businesses like Brookfield Properties says they will be doing something pretty similar as they shared in this Tweet:

While it may seem a bit creepy, it definitely will be one way to look back and remember just how different 2020 was. It has been a weird, disappointing year and this is a way make sure we still feel merry this holiday season while still making sure everyone stays safe and healthy!

On the other hand, if you have always wanted to be a "mall Santa" but the close contact with kids part freaks you out, this could be your year!

Just add "Plexiglass Santa" to the list of things we didn't think we'd ever hear, see or say before 2020:

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