The Potter Street Train Station in Saginaw was built in 1881.

This old Victorian-style depot is the second largest in Michigan, sitting at the junction of Potter & N. Warren Streets. Passenger trains ceased here in 1964, and the station finally closed for good in 1986.

There have been a handful of paranormal investigations here, a documentary, and several TV news reports. Witnesses claim to have seen (here we go again) a ghostly woman in white floating through the building. Why a female apparition is seen is a mystery, as the depot handled the bodies of dead soldiers who were killed in wars. Appropriately, there was a casket shop within the depot, so the spirits within could include more than just soldiers, which might explain the 'woman in white'.

Investigators have captured some things on video and audio that they haven't had an explanation for, and many of them left the premises after getting a little freaked out.

Officially known as the Flint & Pere Marquette Union Station, it’s currently owned by the The Saginaw Depot Preservation Corporation and became a member of the National Register of Historic Places in 1996.

Below are pictures of the outside & inside of the depot, as well as a short video clip from the documentary, " Haunting on Potter Street".

As with all rumored haunted places, always get permission to enter and play it safe.

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