We are in a period right now that I would like to call "the spring sneak peek" where it is still, quite obviously winter, but we can not help but look forward to temperatures only going up from here.

If you are a born-and-raised Michigander, you know how this usually goes every February or March.

The snow dumps down on a us a few more times but Mother Nature says "okay, you have earned a little break, enjoy something nice."

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However, we know this nice weather only lasts so long as next week it will most likely be back down into the negatives.

It's so hard, though, to not get caught up in the excitement that comes with the idea of a potentially early spring.

Posted by Fairies, Myths, and Magic on Wednesday, February 24, 2021

We know it's incredibly unlikely but, damn, wouldn't it be nice?

This is all not to be a "Negative Nancy" though, as there are definitely plenty of ways we can use this warmer weather to our advantage!

Not only will it be nice to get out, enjoy some sunshine, serotonin and replenish your vitamin D but it is a good time to set out and prepare for some spring cleaning.

Whether that is inside your house or outside, there is definitely a lot to be done when the snow melts and winter's dirt and grime is left behind.

First, let this be your sign to get out in the yard this weekend and pick up all the dog poop so there's less to get when it's actually spring.

Second, maybe just pick up some of the debris you would only be able to see when the snow melts.

Definitely get a car wash now that it is warm enough for your doors not to freeze shut and maybe even wash the outside of your house! All that salt and slush probably isn't that great for your siding.

Most importantly, though, take this time to recharge your batteries and push through to real spring on full power!

And when winter comes back with one more jab, here are some ways to make the best of it:

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