Tomorrow is the first edition of Wiener Wednesday on the show. It was my partner Maitlynn's idea. It's a warm thought to know I work with someone who has as dirty of a mind as I do.

My wife and I have been looking at wiener steamers and I told Maitlynn that this morning. She said:

You mean one of those hot tubs for your testicles.

I died laughing. I wished so bad we had flushed that out on the air and we did a bit later. I thought she was joking, then she sent me this link to the Testicuzzi. I would have called it the Gencuzzi.

What I meant was we are looking for a good hot dog and bun steamer. I saw some online and am trying to replicate the hot dog experience from Spartan Stadium or the Breslin Center. The MSU wieners taste the best! I saw one online but you can't put the wieners in at the same time as the buns cuz the buns will get too hot.

The Testicuzzi offers the male genitals some nice amenities. Dual indentions for the family jewels to rest and relax. A velvet trunk rest for hands free enjoyment.

It retails for ONLY $69.69 man.

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