I love me a BLACK Spartan hat. Everyone has a GREEN Spartan hat. Before Christmas, I was shopping at Kohl's and stumbled upon a light green and white camouflage and EVERY Spartan in Dallas noticed it. It's pictured below with me and Mrs. Pants.

Saturday, I was shopping for an outfit for Duran's wedding and stumbled upon another gem. BOTH my new shorts and shirt were cheaper than the hat. Once I saw the hat I had to have it. It was marked at 25 bucks but I had a coupon and got it for 20!!!

From the Pants Hat Stash

With Duran being a Wolverine fan, I knew I had to wear it to the wedding. One of my buddies at MSU said "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?" I told him and he said he was on a mission the next day to get one.