I was 10 years old when Heartbeat City was released in 1984. It was produced b John "Mutt" Lange and featured some of my favorite Cars songs. One of them I REALLY wanted to play the other day but couldn't... Magic.

I remembered the video and Ric walking on water. So, I went back to check it out and it didn't hold up so well, but it really featured Ric and a campy feel.

35 years ago... This was a kick ass video.

It's not my all time favorite, but the song and video will always be burned into my brain.

Ric Ocasek did that to me with the Cars, with Weezer and the Killers.

Thanks for the music and the memories. RIP Ric.

Ric Ocasek passed away Sunday from cardiovascular disease. Click here for more info. 

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