It's hard to believe today marks the 30th year since the passing of Stevie Ray Vaughan. His death brought him to the mainstream and so many people only found appreciation for his music after he passed. I was one of those people.


The story is, Stevie Ray got onto a helicopter and crashed shortly after takeoff on this day 30 years ago. A lawyer wasn't happy with how the investigation into the crash was reported so, he went and did his own investigation to see what happened in Wisconsin. Click here to see the story.

In short, a inexperienced helicopter pilot got caught in a blind spot and crashed into a mountain.

Remembering some Classic Stevie Ray Vaughan moments.

On the Arsenio Hall show. He told the story about getting his chest tattoo when he was 17... A peacock. He found out later it was supposed to be an arm tattoo. HE also jams out "Crossfire."

Jamming with Jeff Healey. Heaven has an amazing guitar section.

Stevie battled addiction and once broke down on the road. The song "Tightrope" is a warning about the dangers of drugs and booze.

My old boss Darrin Arriens was the last person to talk to Stevie before he got on that helicopter. Darrin passed earlier this year from COVID-19. 

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