Around 2010, Darrin Arriens became the Program Director of WMMQ. I was the afternoon guy back then and was a bit apprehensive about him at first but he quickly won me over. He wasn't afraid to do his job and I never saw him look over his shoulder.

It was in September of 2011, he teamed me up with Deb Hart and we did the show until she left last year. Darrin left a few years after putting us together and we stayed friends on social media but I never spoke to him again after he left. I never got to thank him for the great opportunity he gave me. THAT I EARNED and worked for, but he gave me the shot.

Darrin Arriens died Tuesday at 52 years-old from COVID-19. Deb said the same thing I did. "HOLY S#!^!"

Darrin was a real radio guy and will be missed by many he worked with and help.

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