WILX.com reports that the Steam Railroading Institute in Owosso has announced its seasonal itinerary for a legendary steam locomotive that inspired the beloved train from the movie "The Polar Express".

Known as the Pere Marquette 1225, the locomotive is based in Shiawassee County, and will be offering sight seeing journeys across some of Michigan's historic railways this fall and winter. This year's trips are a bit special, though. The institute is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year.

According to the article from WILX, the S.I.A. actually started as a project at Michigan State University in 1969 to restore the historic steam engine. The locomotive was a monument on campus that a group of students decided to bring back to its original working form. Now, thrill seekers, sightseers, and enthusiasts can experience the engine's work firsthand.

The first excursion for the 1225 this year is on October 5. There are a multitude of trains, tracks, and tours that the institute offers across the state. For a full schedule of rides, visit this link to the Steam Railroading Institute.

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